Guide for creating new AppInstall tests

Sam S. smls75 at
Mon Dec 28 16:13:25 CST 2009

Hello Wine team!

After reading the introduction to AppInstall at, I decided to try and write some
additional application tests for it.
There are at least two freely downloadable win32 apps that I run with
Wine, that have in the past (in my experience) been quite sensitive to
small improvements/regressions in certain areas of wine (gecko engine
and opengl, namely), so having them automatically tested daily could
be useful...

Unfortunately, however, the wiki page
( doesn't really provide a guide for
how to go about doing this...
It explains the text that will need to be put in the actual test
script (which I could have also figured out by looking at the
well-documented example scripts), but almost nothing about how you
need to set up your working environment, what files to put where,
which commands to call, etc, for the purpose of writing/testing a new
AppInstall script from scratch.

In absence of such a guide, I just downloaded the whole directory, copied
it into a Windows XP environment (because according to the WWN
article, you're supposed to write the tests on Windows), and started
by duplicating one of the example files.
However, when I open a Command Prompt window and try to run one of the
.ahk files with AutoHotKey, nothing really happens - all I see is some
additional Command Prompt windows popping up for a split second and
disappearing again, and then the command returns - nothing downloaded,
no output, no error messages, nothing. (Btw, I don't even understand
where the dowloads specified in the scripts are supposed to end up...)

How am I supposed to do this?

More generally: Could someone who knows how to do this maybe put up a
step-by-step guide for users who want to contibute by writing new
AppInstall tests, with no prior knowledge? Possibly something along
the lines of:

 - what/how do download
 - on Windows: what files to put where / how to set up the environment
 - on Windows: how to create a new test-script / where to put it
 - on Windows: how to get all those checksums
 - on Windows: how to properly test-run/debug the new script
 - on Linux+Wine: what files to put where / how to set up the environment
 - on Linux+Wine: how to test-run the new script previously created on Windows
 - where to upload/send finished test-scripts to



PS: When will there be a new WWN?

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