Guide for creating new AppInstall tests

Sam S. smls75 at
Tue Dec 29 09:12:11 CST 2009

Hi Austin,

thank you for your reply. I'll give it another try.

Btw, I do realise that some questions of the step-by-step list I gave
at the end are already (at least partially) answered in various places
- this was intended more as an outline of how a step-by-step guide
useful to users with no prior experience could be added to the wiki
Your answeres already made the process much clearer to me...

One thing though:

>>  - on Windows: how to properly test-run/debug the new script
> By running it a few times and making sure nothing fails ;-).

So you need to run

  ..\tools\autohotkey\autohotkey.exe testname.ahk

and then check



>>  - on Windows: how to get all those checksums
> There's not an easy way on windows, without installing cygwin. This is
> explained in the wiki.

It explains it for Linux, I was hoping there would be a way to get the
checksums of the files generated on Windows, without copying them to
Linux first... Well, too bad...

> If someone would volunteer to help with the documentation
> (by proofing it, making sure I didn't leave steps out, etc.), it would
> help greatly.

If I manage to get it working now, maybe I can help with the
documantation (by providing a user's perspective)...
In any case, having a step-by-step howto of the actual process (as
outlined in my first email) would already be a great improvement
compared to having to collect the various bits of information from all

One more thing: There should probably be a link to the AppInstall wiki
page at and maybe other places...
(right now, it seems to be linked to only from the archived WWN
article, which makes it not so easy to discover for users...)

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