Tango Icons (Almost) Ready to Go!!

Joel Holdsworth joel at airwebreathe.org.uk
Wed Dec 30 15:08:50 CST 2009

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce that after a lot of work lately I've pretty much
completed the graphics for the icons for shell32, user32 and the
programs all sizes and screen depths:


There are a few minor things left to do:

      * comctl32: Finish and submit - only idb_std_small.bmp needs to be
        upgraded. Only idb_std_small.bmp is 32-bit in XP, and Vista
      * comdlg32: Convert bitmaps to 8-bit. Maybe rework comdlg32 so
        that the graphics are stored as a icons not bitmaps for so that
        different colour depths can be handled elegantly. What does
        windows do?
      * credui: Test on a low bit-depth platform, and submit.
      * cryptui: Redo emblems on certwarning.bmp, certerror.bmp, and
        convert bitmaps into icons for so that different colour depths
        can be handled elegantly.
      * winecfg: new transparent bitmap won't work without xrender on a
        32-bpp screen. Think again.
      * wine: image lists still strip the alpha channel. talk to
        thunderbird about 32-bit DDBs
      * control, dxdiag, iexplore, winecfg: These programs currently do
        not have an icon, and although my patches add the icon to the
        src dir, further patches will be needed to add the icon to the
        progam's resources, and display them in the app windows.

These things are all relatively minor, and I think at this stage it 
would be good to merge as soon as possible. The only major issue that
remains is that there are 3 icons from Gnome that need to be relicensed
as LGPL for our use. I've e-mailed the gnome artists mailing list, so
hopefully we'll hear back from them soon.

Once this is done I'm suggesting we merge the icons for shell32, user32
and the programs. If you're interested you can try them right now at the
public-beta-2 branch of my gitorious repo:

My final question is about what to do with my source artwork. The
artwork has been collected from a variety of sources. Some is SVGs, some
gimp .xcf.bz2s, and some plain PNGs. I guess these shouldn't go into the
wine source repo, but does anyone have any bright ideas where these
files *should* go? They'll need to be published in case the icons ever
need to be changed in any way.

Any thoughts?

Best Regards

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