Simple but awesome demos of Wine?

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Sun Feb 1 13:11:33 CST 2009


As far as games go, off the top of my head there is WoW, and Guildwars.
Battlefield 2/2142 both seem good choice. Counter Strike: Source and COD4
are gold rated. Lastly Crysis is gold rated too. There is an issue with
punkbuster but that only effects online play.

3Dmark06 seems to work to some degree, .

Also it might be interesting to show off, how Wine works with CUDA, . There are some emails on
the mailing list back when I first started working on the wrapper. I think
it shows just how advanced Wine is. Not only can it run a windows program
but with a wrapper it transfers the calls from windows dll to linux .so to
the GPU, with stellar performance.

-Seth Shelnutt

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:

> I'm going to be giving a Wine presentation at
> Cebit next month.   You can see a draft of the
> presentation at
> (I will say lots more than is written there; the
> slides are kept simple on purpose, with just
> the key idea in the caption.)
> A large part of the presentation
> will be demos of platium-rated apps.
> Can people suggest compelling apps to demo?
> Right now my list is kind of boring-sounding:
>  Framemaker 7
>  Kid Pix
>  gp-Untis
>  Photoshop cs2
>  Futuretax
>  Dreamweaver
> It'd be nice to also have some games, but I don't
> play enough to know which ones to pick.   I suspect
> online games are out, since I can't count on an
> internet connection.
> I'm tempted to write an autohotkey script to demo each
> app so I don't have to worry about fumbling mouse
> clicks while on stage.  The ability to script would be
> a nice demo itself.
> This show is a big opportunity for us to
> introduce Wine to a large audience, so
> any help here would be appreciated.
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