Simple but awesome demos of Wine?

Piotr Pawłow pp at
Sun Feb 1 17:01:38 CST 2009

Dan Kegel wrote:

> It'd be nice to also have some games, but I don't
> play enough to know which ones to pick.

I'd suggest FlatOut 2. It's an arcade racing game with nice graphics. The 
only thing I couldn't get to work on Wine is online play, everything else 
work great - sound, videos, special effects (post processing, shadows, 
reflections etc).

It looks stunning on a big screen... with all the spectacular crashes, car 
parts, scenery parts flying around. Lots of action, plus loud rock music 
makes it good for parties :)

I'm amazed how well it works on Wine, even more so when I realize that it's 
a DX9 game, not OpenGL. Frame rate is very good on my GeForce 8600GT, 
perfectly smooth. I finished the whole game, and it never crashed while 
playing, even after several hours.

There is a playable demo available on the net. I just checked if it still 
works on Wine 1.1.13. Played a few races. It crashed on exit, but otherwise 
was OK.


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