messagemode named pipes investigation: blocking-reads block writers indefinitely

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at
Wed Feb 4 11:43:39 CST 2009

> main process: blocking-read on namedpipe.
> 5 threads: write to same named pipe
> the writes NEVER return (this is with xp).
> so that WOULD indicate that there IS a per-pipe mutex (and that there
> are bugs in nt!)


 turns out it's an msvcrt bug (in windows nt).  if you use
_beginthread() to create the 5 threads (or even just the one), the
reader can block the writer(s).  however if you use CreateThread(),
everything's hunky-dory.

 anyone want to record _that_ one as a future interoperability
bug-test, be my guest! ha ha :)  no, but seriously: if someone tells
me it's a worthwhile thing to have as an interoperability test, i'll
write one.


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