Ben Klein shacklein at
Fri Feb 6 19:16:09 CST 2009

2009/2/7 EA Durbin <ead1234 at>:
> I just saw this linux distribution on distrowatch. They claim to be able to
> run all microsoft products. Interesting.

No they don't. It says "almost every" on the home page and "most" on
the "Microsoft" page.

Assuming they're talking about Wine, someone should tell them that
they're wrong anyway. "quite a lot of entirely win32 applications",
maybe. Almost certainly not "most".

Ooh, just spotted some interesting items on their "tested applications" list.
- DirectX
- DirectX 6
- DirectX 7
- DirectX 8
- DirectX 9

How about we just completely ignore these idiots?

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