Fixing AppDB once and for all

Zachary Goldberg zgold at
Sat Feb 7 00:20:47 CST 2009


Meeting went well.  We had a good number of contributors for more than
2 hours.  Several outcomes from the meeting and a transcript are
available on the wiki:

In Summary: We have a consensus that we want to replace the generic
open questions we have now with a more structured survey where we can
get specific bits of data.

The premise is to turn the current system of 'please tell me how it
went' to a more formal 'give us a full formal (and consistent) report
of *how* you ran the app and your experience thereafter'.

To accomplish this the idea is two have a survey with two major
sections, an "Install" and a "Runtime".  Each section strives to get
information as to how much progress was made in [installing/running]
and how hard it was to make that progress.  From there we can generate
much more detailed and objective information about how well an
application runs.  There are several ideas for how to determine an
overall 'rating' based on this information.

There is all of this in much more detail on the wiki, just wanted to
give a brief summary.

Theres enough information from the discussion to begin moving forward
with coding.  Andrew Riedi and I thus far are the volunteers to begin
digging in.  If anybody else is interested in getting their hands
dirty please do respond to this, and we'll work out how to get it
done.  I imagine I'll setup and email a public .git (that isn't live
to winehq) for development.  Stay tuned for that.

The major open issue is still how to determine a rating and how to
display whatever rating.  To decide this issue I think we should have
another meeting next Friday.

What: Meeting #2 to discuss ratings:
Where: #winehackers on
When: 9PM UTC


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