Regression in 1.1.14 for Athena Visual Studio

Erich Hoover ehoover at
Mon Feb 9 20:19:16 CST 2009

In Wine 1.1.14 Athena Visual Studio fails to build Fortran applications and
returns with an error, doing a git bisect gives this result:
ebe4a9e321800fbe6d2004a640cd276a28d15c38 is first bad commit
commit ebe4a9e321800fbe6d2004a640cd276a28d15c38
Author: Dan Kegel <dank at>
Date:   Sun Jan 18 19:19:46 2009 -0800

    msvcrt: Remove CRs earlier in ascii mode.

:040000 040000 44cfaec7cd552af4c92f220ad34a06d864eff79d
685d15aa69a9e0f91e0d4cbc933191a29837dce9 M    dlls

However, removing this patch from the latest git doesn't do enough - Athena
instead hangs indefinitely trying to build.  I guessed that it would also be
necessary to remove the related patch "msvcrt: Remove CRs earlier in ascii
mode in fseek, too.":;f=dlls/msvcrt/file.c;hb=7f3c70c52fe470d431a51b3363ed4f7336d5f7f5

Fortunately, that did the trick and got things working again.  I don't have
a lot of free time right now, but if there's some information I can give
that will help in fixing this issue then please let me know and I will do my
best to provide it.  A 15 day trial of Athena is available, this error can
be reproduced by attempting to build any sample in the "Curve Fitting
Models" folder.
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