An idea for the appdb

Sparr sparr0 at
Wed Feb 11 20:26:21 CST 2009

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
> 2009/2/12 Gert van den Berg <wine-devel at>:
>> It should rather be opt-in. Such as "Wine has detected that it is the
>> first time you run this application, do you want to check AppDb for
>> more information (Yes/No/Ask again/Never ask for any application)"
> This would get insanely annoying if you wanted ONE app to grab data
> from AppDB but not every other one.

Why?  Say "Yes" to that one app, then "Never ask for any application"
for the next app.  Seems like Gert's suggestion perfectly handles your
use case.

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