Firefox 3 runs faster on Linux+Wine than on Linux -- comparative to running on Windows

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Fri Feb 13 11:10:57 CST 2009

>For those not monitoring slashdot [1], there is an article [2] that is
>comparing the Google V8 benchmark on Windows and Linux versions of
>Firefox 3.
>The result of this is that the Windows and Wine runs are pretty close
>(241 vs 227) when compared to the Linux run (181) and Opera (155).
>I wonder what the results are like on Firefox 3.1 with tracemonkey
>enabled on Windows, Wine and Linux.
>- Reece

One thing that interested me... one person wrote that Linux/Firefox compiled with msvc was faster than gcc, because msvc is better at optimization. 
Has anyone tried compiling wine with msvc?

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