Proposal: put Winetricks into Wine menu

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Sat Feb 14 04:08:45 CST 2009

How about help in a .chm file :)

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> Subject: Proposal: put Winetricks into Wine menu
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> Received: Saturday, 14 February, 2009, 4:42 PM
> I know, when I wrote Winetricks, I meant it as a
> developers'
> tool only.  But... then... people started using it, and
> it made sense to provide it as a way to download missing
> visual C++ runtimes etc. for average users.
> Quite a few newbies trip over the fact that it
> needs cabextract installed.  Let's make it easy
> for folks, actually package it up along with
> Wine (SuSE does this already), and put it
> in the Wine menu right beneath "Uninstall Windows
> Software".
> What do people think?  It might make life easier for a lot
> of folks.
> (And, come to think of it, we should include some
> documentation
> in that menu.  "man wine" just doesn't cut it
> for the average
> gui user, and "wine manual page" in the gnome
> help browser is a broken link.  But that's a separate
> issue.)
> - Dan

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