Wine talk on FOSDEM

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sun Feb 15 16:03:27 CST 2009


A week ago I went to Bruessel / Bruxelles in Belgium to the largest
opensource developer conference in Europa, FOSDEM 2009.

openSUSE has a developer room there the last years and we fill
our time by holding talks, mostly concerning openSUSE and stuff
that we do for the distribution and what our developers do.
So the openSUSE organizers asked me to hold a talk on Wine this year,
after my LinuxTag talk was so well received.

I expected that like 20-30 people would show up, but it actually
were around 110 according to our camera guy and they filled up the
room. I have no idea why Wine is so interesting though.

I gave a basic introduction and overview mostly and in the end tried
to demo iTunes (failed, because installation was not successful in
preparation) and demoed Heroes of Might and Magic III (successful).

If you want to watch my 45 minutes:  (196MB)

And my slides are here (feel free to reuse):

I also said hi to some ReactOS guys. Funnily all of them in suit and
tie. :)

Ciao, Marcus

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