Win to Lin Library Wrapper

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Feb 16 13:13:29 CST 2009

Wine once had a feature like this. In addition to load a DLL as builtin or 
native, there was a third option called "so", which loaded a native linux lib 
and looked for the symbols in there.

It was removed because it didn't really work. The main problem were +relay 
logs I think. The other issue are the calling conventions. In many cases a 
DLL call cannot be simply forwarded because the calling convention is 
different, or because the DLL works with filenames which have to be converted 
between Windows and Linux. So somewhen this feature was removed.

However, I think it would come handy in a few situations:

*) OpenAL
*) Cuda & Friends
*) PunkBuster
*) glide?

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