[1/9] setupapi: add header information for SetupPromptForDisk

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 18:30:45 CST 2009

Hi Ricardo,

> dlls/setupapi/setupapi_private.h |   11 +++++++++++
> include/setupapi.h               |   14 +++++++++-----

I'd suggest you have the changes to setupapi.h as one patch on their
own.  The changes to setupapi_private.h can be combined with the
changes to the .rc file (patch 2 in your series), along with your
patch to create the new dialog.c file (patch 3 in your series), and
your patch to create a do-nothing dialog (patch 4 in your series.)  In
this way, each patch has a single functional change.  If you do it as
I suggest, patch 1 will change the public header file.  Patch 2 will
introduce a new dialog.  The remaning patches seem split
appropriately, so you'd end up with a 7 patch series.

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