faultrep:display useful information in ReportFault

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at zalewski.pl
Sun Feb 22 16:41:03 CST 2009

  I've written a dialog about a crash some time ago to add to winedbg 
It's probably time to ask what is the status of this patch?
  If this patch gets accepted (Alexandre seemed to like the previous 
version, but pointed that it broke kernel32 tests because there had been 
no way to disable it and he didn't have much time to review it), maybe 
calling `winedbg --auto` from ReportFault would be the best way - you 
would then have a dialog (the same as during a regular crash, can be 
disabled from the registry), the full debugger output and an option to 
run an interactive debugger. AFAIK this is the other way round than 
Windows does (AFAIK drwatson loads faultrep.dll into the process that 
crashed and calls ReportFault), but loading a DLL into a process where 
everything could be corrupted seems a strange idea.

Jérôme Gardou pisze:
> Most wine users, when their app crashes, open a bug report and attach 
> the console log. If the log contains information got from ReportFault, 
> developers will gain some time, and have the preceding context of the call.
  I'm affraid this is what is done by the 1% best users ;). I'd expect 
that a typical user to complain that Linux is broken because on Linux, 
from time to time, apps just disappear from the screen while on Windows 
they don't. Already knowing that there is such a thing like Wine 
requires some knowledge :).

Mikołaj Zalewski

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