Patch implementing riched20 : EM_PASTESPECIAL -- critique?

Arren Lex arrenlex at
Sat Jan 3 18:27:00 CST 2009

Sorry, here is a new version which doesn't totally ignore the lvalue
(gives fixme).

2009/1/2 Arren Lex <arrenlex at>:
> Hello, all;
> Attached is a patch that implements the EM_PASTESPECIAL riched20
> message, which pastes with a specified clipboard format --
> Because there is (apparently) no ANSI clipboard implemented, the
> CF_TEXT clipboard format pastes garbage, so I have put in a workaround
> which treats a CF_TEXT as a CF_UNICODETEXT call. It prints a fixme
> when it does this, and when the ANSI clipboard is implemented the "if"
> block can simply be taken out to start using it.
> This patch was written to fix bug 14530 --
> It is made against git commit bf25837eb7c08dc7faf13b886f6aed79a02506b8
> (the tagging of 1.1.12) which is the latest at the time of writing.
> This is my first ever patch, and I am not familiar with wine or
> riched20 at all, so I would love to have some feedback about it before
> I submit it to the patches list. Can anyone suggest improvements?
> Thank you,
> - Alexander Dorokhine
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