dlls/dinput/effect_linuxinput.c: Check return value of 'write'. (bug # 16413)

Michael Karcher karcher at physik.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 5 01:47:36 CST 2009

Am Montag, den 05.01.2009, 11:06 +0600 schrieb titon barua:
> > GCC is complaining about the ignored return value.
> > 
> As the code says /* we dont care */ but gcc prints warnings, is it ok
> with just 
> "if (write(*(This->fd), &event, sizeof(event)));"
> Gcc wont complain and the code is as before?

what about
 (void)write(*(This->fd), &event, sizeof(event));

Does that work to? Seems nicer than the if.

  Michael Karcher
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