readme: add a note about UNIX paths

Austin English austinenglish at
Wed Jan 7 09:35:16 CST 2009

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:
> Vitaliy Margolen <wine-devel at> writes:
>> Alexandre Julliard wrote:
>>> The problem is not Unix paths, it's usually that the app expects the
>>> current directory to be the app directory. You have the same issue if
>>> you use a Windows path. If there are really issues caused by argv[0]
>>> being a Unix path and not just the wrong directory that can be fixed.
>> For years Borland been stating in their documents that argv[0] always
>> contains full path to the executable. And many programs written in Boarland
>> C++ / Delphi relay on that.
> Their documents are wrong since argv[0] is determined by the parent
> process. Anyway, do you have a specific bug report for this?
> --
> Alexandre Julliard
> julliard at

I'll have to look around for some. I doubt it was an UNIX path issue,
but rather 'current directory != app directory', which shows up pretty
often in the forums. Would you rather a note saying something like:
+             Note: This method is not recommended, since many Win32
+             depend on the current directory being the application
directory, and may
+             crash or have other buggy behavior otherwise.


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