Failing wine tests

Rico Schüller kgbricola at
Mon Jan 12 13:26:06 CST 2009


I've just done 4 runs on the same machine with the same wine version 
with the same test version (see 
- the rs-f10-...).

Therefore I named the runs like:
inst - test run from a wine version with an installed wine (make install)
noinst - test run from a not installed wine version (run directly from 
the built dir)

lo - (links oben) - which means the window from the winetest.exe is on 
the upper left side on the desktop (default position)
ru - (rechts unten) - which means the window from the winetest.exe is on 
the lower right side on the desktop (just moved the window before I hit 

My result is, that some tests fail/ behave different on the some runs:

The main difference is that two tests fail because the winetest.exe 
window is at the wrong position.
These are: user32:msg and riched20:editor. These tests fail when the 
winetest.exe window as in the upper left corner. Any ideas?

The next difference is that some fonts are not found if wine is run from 
the build directory. Running the installed version these test succeed:
user32:combo , gdi32:font and comctl:rebar. Has anyone an idea where 
this comes from? (Probably a path problem?)

There is also a test comctl32:treeview which has 6 todos more if it is 
run from the build directory.

Also note: user32:msg and the user32:win test run a different number of 
tests each time. Is this intended?


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