New winetricks 20090116: new verbs mono22, urlmon, wininet, controlpad, native_oleaut32, msscript, hosts; plus various updates and bugfixes

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jan 16 10:25:22 CST 2009

Gee, it's been a while since I posted a new version of winetricks.
This is rather a big update.

As always, online at
Please submit bug reports to

svn log since version 20081127:

r264 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-16
Don't set winver to win2K when installing .net 1.1.

r263 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-16
Add mono2.2.

r262 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-12
Updated mshflxgd (still might not work, let me know)

r261 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-11
Austin English: add 'hosts' verb to create dummy hosts
and services files (helps informix apps, see bug 12076)

r260 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-11
Fix gecko to grab right version for newer wine.

r259 | daniel.r.kegel | 2009-01-11
Alternate URL for tahoma, not sure if it's needed, so just a comment.

r253 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-23
Fix symlink vulnerability pointed out by Stefan Nordhausen.

r252 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-23
wininet verb didn't actually override wininet.  (Thanks to Austin English.)

r251 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-17
Added new verb msscript to fix
Also noticed that msmask.ocx wasn't registered, so do that

r250 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-17
Don't behave strangely if WINEDEBUG is set
Make the dirac0.8 verb work as documented (fixes )

r249 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-17
Avoid if ! test, use if test ! instead.
Makes it work better on ancient shells like the one in Solaris.

r247 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-13
Fix firefox3 for curl (thanks to Tijl Coosemans)
Clean up ie6 a bit

r245 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-02
1. Added new variable WINDIR (good suggestion from Nicolas Koch)
2. Removed obsolete wsh51 verb
3. make xvid load vcrun6 if needed (else it dies without mfc42)
4. Fix some places where a space in WINEPREFIX would have caused grief

r244 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-12-02
Quoted the last few instances of $WINETRICKS_TMP.
(Thanks to Nicolas Koch for the tip.)

r243 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-11-30
New verb urlmon.

r242 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-11-30
Add verb wininet.

r241 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-11-29
New version 20081129.

r240 | daniel.r.kegel | 2008-11-29
New verbs: controlpad/fm20, native_oleaut32.  Clean up temp directory
between verbs.

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