Running a simple .Net 3.0 application.

L. Rahyen research at
Fri Jan 23 00:58:44 CST 2009

On 2009-01-14 (Wednesday) 20:59:09 Louis Lenders wrote:
> ...
> 7. Now Run the app, it crashes into a bunch of unimplemented functions.
> Fortunately just simple stubs were enough to make the app happy.
> I added stubs for
> gdi32.GdiEntry13
> kernel32.WerRegisterMemoryBlock
> ntdll.NtSecureConnectPort
> ntdll.RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying
> ntdll.RtlIsGenericTableEmpty
> Well, that was enough to get the app running.
> ...
> I'm not sure if it would be useful to open bugs already for the
> unimplemented functions. If so, just shout, and i'll open some bugs.

	Can you please e-mail me or post here as attachment stubs you have 
implemented so I don't duplicate work you already done?

	Are you planning to send a patch for at least GdiEntry13? If not then may be 
I will. And I think it would be useful to have bugs for these functions if you 
aren't going to send patches to implement them at least as stubs in near 

	Thank you very much for useful tips (especially for mentioning InstallRite - 
didn't know about it before)!

> Conclusion: once the installer is fixed, there's good  chance simple .net
> 3.0 at least apps will run quickly

	I think not just simple apps but even very complex ones like SolidWorks 2009! 
I successfully installed SolidWorks 2009 in Wine by using InstallRite 
InstallKit (created in clean Windows XP SP2). And I was actually able to run 
it (however one native override was necessary to really run it). Some basic 
things work; however SolidWorks affected by some bugs which prevent its 
normal operation - for example it crashes because of gdi32.GdiEntry13 being 
not implemented if I try to do some usual things (for example, creating new 
part using standard template). SolidWorks is .NET 3.0 application and it 
expect this function implemented (hopefully stub implementation will be 

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