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On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:56:50PM +1100, Ben Klein wrote:
> 2009/1/22 Francois Gouget <fgouget at>:
>> On Thu, 22 Jan 2009, Ben Klein wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Perhaps the question remains, is a VC7 runtime library intended to be
>>> developed and shipped with Wine? I don't think this is the case.

>> We have msvcirt, msvcrt, msvcrt20, msvcrt40, msvcr71 so I would not be
>> so sure. Which dlls are we talking about anyway?

> I'm always happy to be corrected :)

I guess that's the crux of the question. To my mind, msvc runtimes are
normally distributed with the using application (except some early ones
which I think comes with all the versions of 32-bit Windows) and operate
without hardware/HAL dependencies so they're not something that Wine needs
to implement to be a complete implementation of Win32.

They would be nice to have, sure. And then the upstream redistributable
package will see that they are already installed and not install them. I
presume this is the eventual goal for DirectX 9's D3DX support.

Is bug-for-bug compatibility enough for platinum? Or do we need to be
not just bug-for-bug compatible, but catching and fixing application
bugs or installer bugs which trigger more frequently under Wine than

The .NET 2.0 installer comes to mind here as a counterexample. It fails
under Wine's WinXP mode because it uses a capability test which infers
the right conclusion under Windows, but the wrong conclusion under Wine,
despite there being a different test which actually answers the question
being inferred. I guess under the above reasoning, that would not
prevent it from being platinum, despite it being non-functional under
the default configuration.

.NET 2.0 is actually another example of a runtime which is often left
out of installers, with a note at the website (or not at all) saying
"You need .NET 2.0 installed". (I guess the eventual plan is to
integrate an mscoree.dll that points to Mono? I think I saw that on the
Wiki, anyway)

Should Wine act like a stock Windows (or stock + service packs) or
should it also be expected to provide whatever other random extension
libraries Microsoft publishes? (eg. Speech SDK...)

I hadn't realised Wine provided a msvcr71 implementation for that

>> msvcp80 and msvcr80? Or is it mfc80 that's needed?

>> Btw, the AppDB mentions Visual C++ 2005 which means we're talking about
>> VC8, not VC7. Or is the AppDB wrong? Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong
>> AppDB entry: there's Reign of Chaos (rated platinum), and the Frozen
>> Throne (rated gold).

> Someone mentioned Warcraft 3, someone else mentioned WoW, I'm not sure
> any more. It's all too confusing when you're low on coffee :P

The DLL confusion is my fault, I misaligned Visual C and Visual
Studio versions in my head.

In this case, it's Visual Studio 2005, msvc?80.dll.

Which coincidentally is the first one to implement SxS, which means it
behaves differently under <= Win2k and >= WinXP.

I dunno where WoW came into it, I was talking about Warcraft 3.

Mind you, occasionally AppDB users (and bug reporters) confused the two
as well. It doesn't help that WoW hit version 3 late last year.

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