user32: Resend: Move character conversion logic to dde_server.d &remove todo's

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Jan 23 22:41:57 CST 2009

"Jeff Latimer" <lats at> wrote:

> The issue is that the client passes data using messaging or DDEML there 
> is no method in the api to inform the server whether the data is Unicode 
> or not.  The only method I have determined is to use IsTextUnicode() but 
> that is guessing.  However, it looks like Windows guesses too.

Have you looked at the info returned DdeQueryConvInfo, particularly
iCodePage in the conversation context? Passing raw DDE messages should be
out of interest, it's the application's problem.

> Can I get some advice on this as the existing code does need to be fixed.

Is there a bug you are trying to fix, or is that a hypothetical problem?


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