user32: Resend: Move character conversion logic to dde_server.d &remove todo's

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Jan 24 11:00:36 CST 2009

"Jeff Latimer" <lats at> wrote:

>>> Agreed, the point I was making is that DDEML wraps the raw DDE, the 
>>> translation occurs in the server not the client.
>> Does it really matter?
> It highlights the problem and that the translation should take place in 
> the server.  In earlier discussions last year this was an issue.

Again, do you have a test case for that as a proof?

>> Another probability is a bug in winebrowser.
> It may well be, it certainly is implemented for one case only at present 
> but if the DDEML code was implemented as the Windows is then it does not 
> matter as the situation is handled.

Have you tested winebrowser under Windows to see if that's the case?
And again, a test replicating the problem is required in order to avoid
a regression in future.


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