Updated DIB Engine

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Sat Jan 24 08:18:50 CST 2009

Here some news on my DIB Engine :

Corrected some small bugs in text handling (still VERY poor)
Corrected a couple of crashes
Added code to enable/disable by environment or registry
Made optionals all engine stubs FIXMEs (speeds up a lot....)

The engine is disabled by default; can be changed by environment variable :

export WINEDIB=ON (or ENABLE or ENABLED or TRUE)  enables it
export WINEDIB=OFF (or DISABLE or DISABLED or FALSE)  disables it

or by registry key :

HKCU/Software/Wine/DIB Engine/Enable='Y'  enables it
HKCU/Software/Wine/DIB Engine/Enable='N'  disables it

the environment variable has precedence on registry, so for example if 
WINEDIB=ON and HKCU/Software/Wine/DIB Engine/Enable='N' the engine is 

I suggest to use the environment for the moment, at less you have an app 
that runs much better with the engine (autocad, for example...) which 
benefits from a default enabled engine in registry.

Still many many things to do, the most noticeable by now is the missing 
ROP operations on blitting (and the semi-stub stretchblt...) which is 
quite noticeable in autocad, for example.

I'm pasting a zipped patch of today's current git.


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