Wine runs IE7!

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Sun Jan 25 16:56:07 CST 2009

Hans Leidekker wrote:
> Well, sort of. I found bugs in shell32, rpcrt4, comctl32 and wininet
> that I had to implement, stub and override my way past before it would
> render a page, but finally, here's the obligatory screenshot.

Hi Hans,

Nice work! However, it does not work properly on my setup (Ubuntu
Intrepid). Running:

    $ ./wine ~/Desktop/IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe
    $ ./wine "c:\\program files\\internet explorer\\iexplore.exe"

on a clean wineprefix with today's git, it installs (but seems to be
too quick!) and runs, but it complains about "Cannot find '%ws'."
( and doesn't show
anything in the browser window.

I also get the same issue as Note that this is with
no overrides, winetricks or anything else.

Did you do anything special to get IE7 working (apart from wading
through the bugs you found)?

- Reece

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