Consistency in programs/winecfg/drivedetect.c

Ben Klein shacklein at
Wed Jan 28 08:26:16 CST 2009

I just noticed my first patch got accepted, yay :)

commit 8df74a0edb3304dfc26bd524327f9128f63de47f
Author: Ben Klein <shacklein at>
Date:   Wed Jan 21 21:02:12 2009 +1100
    winecfg: Fix a typo in autodetect_drives.

I also noticed someone removed the superfluous () around the
expression in my patch. I included this for consistency in the file,
and note that the same superfluous () appears on lines 244 and 272 in
drivedetect.c in current git HEAD.

Since this is not a functional thing in any way, and it doesn't matter
on the compiler level whether it's (a == (b + c)) or (a == b + c), I'm
not sure if it's worth me submitting a patch to correct the
consistency. What's the prefered coding style for this situation? :)

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