report on obscure issues: running out of file handles with python under wine

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Thu Jan 29 08:02:06 CST 2009


Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> well the saga continues with using python under wine - i thought i'd
> let you know the analysis and clues so far, in case it rings any bells
> with anyone, now or in the future.  as you're probably aware, there's
> a limit in nt of 2048 file descriptors which has caused a large number
Well the "default" number of file handles one gets on Linux is 1024.
Though that can be easily bumped up. Are you sure you do not run into
your host limit?


> of free software projects quite a lot of grief , e.g. this:
>  it turns out that python is
> no different, and i'm just in the process of investigating whether
> compiling every single c-based module as a builtin saves me enough
> file handles to be able to not hit the 2048 handles limit.
> it's really quite stunning.  even something as simple as running a
> single small test script can result in 1,400 file handles being used
> up. by the time you get to things like the popen-replacement (see msdn
> KB: Q190351 for a simple code example).
> anyway - what prompted me to write was that i ran the python.exe with
> msvcr80 on wine, and the popen-like code segfaulted.  under win32
> naitive (an actual XP qemu) it failed - gracefully.
> but, weirdly, python.exe _without_ msvcr80 did _not_ segfault, but,
> again, same code on XP qemu'd failed gracefully.
> so, matrix:
>           wine      xp-qemu'd
> vc80  segfault   error
> vc71  ok            error
> in other words, i'm beginning to suspect that the reason for that
> msvcr80 segfault i was investigating last week is because of running
> out of file handles, and wine doesn't _have_ that 2048 file descriptor
> limit that msvcr80 is assuming actually exists.  either that, or when
> you _do_ reach that limit, it results in corruption that an app
> running msvcr71 doesn't notice.  or something.
> the reason i haven't raised this as a bugreport is because i really
> don't exactly know what's going on - there are just rather a lot of
> empirical observations that are ... "out there" :)  so i apologise for
> this being a bit long, and not very specific, and if ever i get
> anything specific i'll of course raise it as a bugreqeuest, but i
> didn't want to leave this undocumented.
> l.

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