First complete test run passing on a Windows platform

Ge van Geldorp ge at
Fri Jan 30 06:16:31 CST 2009

Hi Florian,

> From: Florian Köberle [mailto:florian at] 
> I think the main problem is that the thread might run 
> parallel with some other test code.
> That is why I would suggest to wait for the thread to finish 
> at the end of the test.
> I made a patch and attached it to this email. I can't 
> reproduce the failure on my system, so I can't test if the 
> patch helps. It would be cool, if someone could test, if my 
> patch fix the issue.

I applied your patch and ran the test about a dozen times, two runs had
failures. So I'm afraid your patch is not enough.


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