[2/2] gdiplus: Implement GdipBeginContainer2 and GdipEndContainer

Andrew Eikum andrew at brightnightgames.com
Fri Jul 3 10:00:07 CDT 2009

Nikolay Sivov wrote:
> Andrew Eikum wrote:
>> ---
>>  dlls/gdiplus/gdiplus_private.h |    3 +
>>  dlls/gdiplus/graphics.c        |  154 
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
>>  include/gdiplusflat.h          |    1 +
>>  3 files changed, 152 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
> This looks wrong for me cause I don't think you could pass container 
> id created with one Graphics to
> Graphics.EndContainer() of another. I've just checked it and it 
> doesn't return any error code,
> but generated container ids aren't the same when you call 
> BeginContainer() for e.g. two objects
> as sequent steps. It looks like on native these value are module 
> unique, some kind of handle table needed.
> This kills the first problem I described - passing strange value to 
> another Graphics.
> Also note that Save()/Restore() functionality uses the same stack with 
> container calls (at least msdn tells us that),
> for that Save/Restore we already have a test:
> ---
> static void test_save_restore(void)
> ....
>    /* The same state value should never be returned twice. */
>    todo_wine
>        check_no_duplicates(state_log);
> ....
> ---
> It clearly says that no duplicates allowed, even after multiple object 
> deletion - it checks for values returned
> during the whole test.

I agree that the behavior of the container IDs doesn't match native.  
However, do we really care to duplicate that behavior?  I can't see any 
documentation in MSDN that says container IDs must be unique across 
either graphics objects or within a single graphics object.

I can't imagine any application depending on the uniqueness of container 
IDs; if they try to pass a container for graphics1 to graphics2, nothing 
happens, so there's no behavior to depend on.  Ditto for invalid or 
already-used containers.  The only scenario I can think of where the 
uniqueness of container IDs would be a dependency would be an 
application error calling EndContainer() with invalid values.  I don't 
know if it's worth the effort of making a handle table and whatnot to 
work around an application glitch that might not even exist.

So, I would argue against the validity of the test you quote.  Why 
should the same value not be returned twice?


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