[rfc] lstrcmpi: order still wrong (was "Re: Regression in lstrcmpiA (occurred in late June, NLS related)" from 2003 year)

Yuriy Kaminskiy yumkam at mail.ru
Sat Jul 4 14:55:50 CDT 2009

Yuriy Kaminskiy wrote:
>    I've stumbled over problem with lstrcmpi sorting is still wrong. Some
> japanese game engine uses binary search on presorted array, and fails
> with a-la "object not found" errors.
> proper order should be "_" < "0" (ok) and "." < "_" (fails with vanilla
> wine).
  Well, after private email, I think I should stress out, that while I /believe/
that sort order in winxp does not depend on locale, it is also /possible/ that
I'm wrong - I don't have working windows installation at hands and cannot check
  [Nevertheless, I've ran that game in japanese locale [ja_JP.UTF-8], and /if/
sort order in winxp depend on locale, sort order in wine should be fixed to
depend on locale too: still bug, but slightly different ;-)].

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