why is Kronenberg's Wine/Mac work blacklisted on winehq?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 5 21:39:44 CDT 2009

Mike Kronenberg wrote:
> On 26.06.2009, at 16:51, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> "Emmanuel Maillard" <mahanuu at free.fr> wrote:
>>> Darwine tools WineHelper and create_darwine_distrib script are not
>>> GPL  but LGPL.
>>> Don't know for Mike Kronenberg patches or other stuffs, but we
>>> never  change Wine licensing
>>> in Darwine.
>> Darwine site claims that it's under GPL. In any case different name
>> means
>> a different product regardless of claims and intentions. Darwine is not
>> Wine, plain and simple.
>> -- 
>> Dmitry.
> This is very true.
> Prolog
> The main purpose is here, like with other people, to have a crossdev
> option.
> I just share the outcome, i.e. binaries.
> OS X
> My main concern is to have usable builds. Ie, usable without the need
> of a terminal. People on OS X don't care about how stuff works, it
> just has to work.
> Vanilla build
> I totally agree that by adding certain patches, the builds can't be
> considered as vanilla.
> I'll recheck the necessity of the patches again on Tiger and Leopard
> and they really get less and less.
> Added libs
> As pointed out, the build ships with some libs not installed by
> default on OS X.
> My solution is to hide them inside the app folder, this way they are
> not installed in the users /usr or /opt.
> Drag the folder to trash and they are all gone at once. Clean system.
> Next try.
Something that I do have to point out is that freetype, a very important
library for Wine is not shipped with XCode nor MacOSX.  We have to
include it.  Both MacPorts and Fink's builds make this a dependency and
force you to install it.  Fortunately, Fink puts it in a place where
installing other software with freetype (and the other libraries
required for Wine) do not interfere with each other.

Right now, a 'vanilla' build of Wine using just Wine code on MacOSX is
not possible.  There are dependencies, just like there are on Linux. 
The X11SDK is not installed and that is just a start...

And Mike's builds are LGPL, just like Wine's.

James McKenzie

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