[rfc] lstrcmpi: order still wrong (was "Re: Regression inlstrcmpiA (occurred in late June, NLS related)" from 2003 year)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Mon Jul 6 04:11:24 CDT 2009

"Yuriy Kaminskiy" <yumkam at mail.ru> wrote:

> Well, no answer so far; I thought "should write test, code is more welcomed than
> just words", and noticed that such test already present, but disabled :-E.
> That's wrong. If test report breakage, it should not be simply silenced and
> forgotten for 6 years.
> See "[rfc] [kernel32/tests] enable sort order test" series in *-patches

It's been explained before the source of the problem (incompatibility
between unicode.org and microsoft collation tables), and a possible
way to solve it (patch the generated tables in the parsing script).


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