Try #3: user32: Windows test request (cursors/icons)

Paul Vriens at
Tue Jul 7 04:36:28 CDT 2009

Daniel Santos wrote:
> Ok, I hope this one is stable on win9x.  Please give it a try and let me know.
> Thanks
> Daniel
No more crashes on Win95/Win98 and also no failures on these platforms. 
I didn't test the rest as they were OK before.

While you're at it why not do something like:

static inline int is_win9x()
     lstrcmpW(NULL, NULL);
     return (GetLastError() == ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED);

This avoids the GetVersion() and instead relies more on behaviour. 
(Maybe it would be a good idea to have this in include/wine/test.h in 
the end.)

What you probably also could do now (not before because of the 
GetVersion) is add a win_skip() message in case we run into win9x. So at 
least we know some tests are skipped (on Windows only as win_skip() will 
trigger an error on Wine).

I'm still a bit confused by this comment:

  * FIXME:
  * - Add tests for CreateCursor and verify that width & height cannot 
  *   SM_CXCURSOR & SM_CYCURSOR (because they can).

It has 'verify', 'cannot' and 'because they can' in one sentence. So I 
read this as:

"Add tests for CreateCursor and show that width & height can exceed 
SM_CXCURSOR & SM_CYCURSOR (despite it shouldn't according to ....)".



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