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> Paul Vriens wrote:
>> Ricardo Filipe wrote:
>>> hi mikolaj,
>>> in transl the Portuguese language (not Portugese :( ) is not showing most
>>> of the neutral strings for it's sublangs (portugal and brazil).
>>> i think this is not how it should be... in each sublang it should show
>>> the Neutral derived strings and the warning that neutral is being used and
>>> should not be used aside the language name in the main list, not put neutral
>>> separate in another hidden page.
>>> as it is now it's hard for me to know what is translated and what's not.
>>> what do you (and wine devel) think? could you please change this?
>>> regards,
>>> Ricardo
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>  Hi Ricardo,
>> So you would be happy/happier if we show "Portuguese (Neutral)" (with the
>> warning) on the main page next to the "Portuguese (Portugal)" and
>> "Portuguese (Brazilian)"?
>>  Just re-read your email. What you like is to have "Portuguese (Portugal)"
> show the combination of "Portuguese (Portugal)" and "Portuguese (Neutral)",
> correct? With a warning for the neutral resources.
> What does this mean for "English (Neutral)" should that be treated the same
> or is Portuguese an exception?
> --
> Cheers,
> Paul.

yes that is what i would like and think is correct showing. portuguese
strings should defer to neutral if none is found in the sublang, with a
warning that they may be incorrect.

i would say english is the exception by having all translated in
SUBLANG_DEFAULT and not separating sublangs as is done with portuguese
resources and others.
as i stated in irc one of these days, i think the solution to english is to
have a SUBLANG_BRITISH or whatever and not assume neutral is for british
english, how it is right now contradicts the use of wrc which is sublang ->
neutral -> default (english). i'd say english should have all resources in
neutral and then the different ones in sublang_british or sublang_australian
or other.

at least that is what makes sense to me for the process to be consistent.
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