XInput [1/4]: Implement XInputGetState

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Jul 9 02:50:22 CDT 2009

Am 09.07.2009 um 02:58 schrieb Michael Gruber:

> This patch series implements parts of the XInput library. You can use
> this to play games that support Xbox 360 Controllers. To be able to
> use this you will need to have your Controller working on Linux via
> the xpad kernel driver and the event interface. It will not work on
> any OS other than Linux. It supports gamepads, should work with
> guitars and wheels, but will not work with dance-mats.
> <1-XInputGetState.patch>
Is it possible to implement XInput on top of DirectInput? DirectInput  
already has some internal abstraction layers for differnet joystick  
APIs, and has basic support for OSX joysticks. Does DInput have enough  
capabilities to access all the Xbox controller's features? My gut says  
no, otherwise MS wouldn't have created a new lib. I guess its worth  
checking though.

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