winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Adam Strzelecki ono at
Thu Jul 9 06:18:27 CDT 2009


See my comments below.

> With the same argument you could say that writing COM objects has
> to be done in C++. Yet Wine has lots and lots of COM code written
> all in standard C.

You're wrong. COM isn't a full C++ interface, it uses/exposes limited C 
++ subset - just to be C and other languages compatible. You never  
create a COM class instance C++ way by name (like "= new  
Direct3DTexture" or "Direct3DTexture tex;"), you never use ctors/ 
dtors, you always query/ask for GUID, your COM objects are always  
pointers which has to be explicitly freed. You don't link to C++ libs  
where are methods and class are C++ mangled using C++ lib naming.

And finally it is opposite situation, it is Wine that implements some  
COM interfaces, so it is you that write the COM interface and create C  
compatible API too.

I don't think there any place where Wine hooks to existing (external) C 
++ library like QT. AFAIK wine uses C POSIX functions and Xwindow API  
that is pure C too.

Moreover I didn't say that wrapping Cocoa can't be done in pure-C,  
already said that there's a C API to call Obj-C methods etc. (look at  
the link below)
All I say it will be a nightmare for a program that uses more than 2  
classes and 10 method calls, and implementing video/GUI driver will  
trigger much more of them for sure.

Image, you'd need to implement Wine video driver with QT/Kde which is  
full C++ interface and all you get from them is C++ headers and C++  
You couldn't link just to QT lib, because pure C wouldn't understand C+ 
+ naming, you'd need to use a lot of *dlopen* & *dlsym*s, void  
pointers, etc.

> Agreed, writing object oriented code in C is not exactly trivial and
> often quite tedious and the difference with Object-C might be even
> bigger as it is likely using more advanced techniques.

Just to explain things better, I found great sample of calling Obj-C  
API within pure C program: 

This is basic application that just displays a single window, and YES  
it works!
BUT it is 400 lines of code, it is totally obscure.
Having it natively in Obj-C would be ~50 lines of small clean code. So  
this is what a call a "nightmare", or maybe "happy coding".


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