Check if WINED3DRS_VERTEXBLEND is dirty in transform_world

Lisa Denia eiffel56 at
Thu Jul 9 16:08:16 CDT 2009

> 2009/7/5 Lisa Denia <eiffel56 at>:
> > This fixes the flickering cursor mentioned in Bug
> > #14375(
> > The cursor flickers because the scene gets rendered twice a draw, which
> > is known and expected. The cursor is not one of that usual animated 2d
> > things, but a 3d object. So, in every draw, the scene gets rendered, the
> > cursor gets rendered, and the scene gets rendered again. The attached
> > patch checks for that special case.
> It's not entirely clear to me why this should work.

Actually, it does not work. Yes, the cursors stops flickering, but other 
problems occur. Even in Myst itself. Guess I should investigate a lot more 
into it, probably before I send patches for inclusion ;).

I started the game accidentally using a Wine build with that software vertex 
blending patch. I noticed it breaks the cursor itself entirely, it just looks 
like random garbage. But that garbage does not flicker.
The attached patch is taken from that patch. It fixes the cursor, without 
adding any regressions as far as I can see. Maybe someone can have a look at 

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