MaxVertexBlendMatrices issue

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Jul 11 16:30:47 CDT 2009

> So I was wondering what the proper way to fix this would be? Should
> this be made overrideable by a registry setting for certain games? Or
> should the GL check be changed? Or is that software emulated vertex
> blending patch needed to correctly fix the issue?
The correct fix is to implement a fixed function pipeline replacement  
shader and emulate vertex blending with vertex shaders. I have started  
such a replacement pipeline, but have paused it because it did not  
achive the intended results(performance improvements). This was about  
a year ago. Someone rebased it to wine git a few months ago, the  
results are in the wine-devel archies.

Note that my replacement pipeline does not yet implement vertex  
blending, but it is needed to add this emulation on top of it.

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