winequartz.drv Mac OS X UI discontinued?

Adam Strzelecki ono at
Sat Jul 11 04:44:36 CDT 2009

> I'm wondering if there is a C++ to ObjC library interface that would  
> be
> cleaner.

Never encountered any. I doubt it is possible since Obj-C is  
dynamically typed (binded) language, which means you can pass any kind  
of msg to any kind of obj and it will compile/run. Either you will  
receive an "method not found" exception or "nil" as return. It is very  
close to what Ruby is. Actually both Ruby & ObjC as based on Smalltalk  

Of course there's wxWidgets for example which wraps Cocoa as one of  
its backends, but the wrapper is C++ & ObjC mixture.

I really don't understand why Obj-C is treated as evil, even it would  
be part only of Mac platform of Wine and even it is supported by GDB  
and GCC on any possible platform :/
Once I thought when moving to Mac that its doggy idea to force some  
Obj-C on Mac, while other part of the World speak C/C++, but now I  
know that Obj-C is what defined OSX actually and way the whole system  
works. So wondering who of Obj-C dislikers at Wine HQ really uses Mac  
and really did any of native apps on Mac.


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