gdi32: ensure that the last_resort family at least has FS_LATIN1characters.

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Jul 15 07:26:28 CDT 2009

Ok maybe you could help me brainstorm a better fix.

The issue I am seeing is that this application is a chinese application 
and it is asking for Tahoma for GB2312_CHARSET.  The Tahoma in the 
system does not have GB2312_CHARSET.  So we end up falling all the way 
back to the last resort selection.

It ends up looking for a font that supports FS_CHINESESIMP and the first 
one on my (an most any mac) is Al Bayan, an arabic font with no latin 
characters.  As a result everything it tries to print in latin 
characters are boxes.

I thought of putting in an exception for Tahoma but that seemed too hackish.


Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Aric Stewart" <aric at> wrote:
>> Corrects a large number of font issues with east asian programs.
>> -            if(csi.fs.fsCsb[0] & (face->fs.fsCsb[0] | 
>> face->fs_links.fsCsb[0])) {
>> +            if((csi.fs.fsCsb[0] & (face->fs.fsCsb[0] | 
>> face->fs_links.fsCsb[0])) && (face->fs.fsCsb[0] & FS_LATIN1)) {
> Certainly this is a not acceptable hack. What if the app doesn't
> need latin glyphs at all? Say it needs only cyrillic or symbol
> ones?

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