gdi32: ensure that the last_resort family at least has FS_LATIN1characters.

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Jul 15 07:57:37 CDT 2009

The problem with font linking is that it is hard to generalize. unless 
wine installs the font we cannot guarantee that the font is present on 
the users system and that is worrisome to me.

I have seen this issue a lot in my working with asian games ported to 
english locales in a variety of fonts.  It would be nice to have a more 
general fix.


Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Aric Stewart" <aric at> wrote:
>> Ok maybe you could help me brainstorm a better fix.
>> The issue I am seeing is that this application is a chinese 
>> application and it is asking for Tahoma for GB2312_CHARSET.  The 
>> Tahoma in the system does not have GB2312_CHARSET.  So we end up 
>> falling all the way back to the last resort selection.
>> It ends up looking for a font that supports FS_CHINESESIMP and the 
>> first one on my (an most any mac) is Al Bayan, an arabic font with no 
>> latin characters.  As a result everything it tries to print in latin 
>> characters are boxes.
>> I thought of putting in an exception for Tahoma but that seemed too 
>> hackish.
> Do you have a font link with an appropriate font file?

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