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Remco remco47 at
Mon Jul 27 08:14:51 CDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 9:08 AM, Scott Ritchie<scott at> wrote:
> Lately I've been attempting to polish up the content on our website.
> The visual design looks great since the revamp a while back, however a
> lot of the actual words trouble me.  There's a lot of stuff from the
> dark ages still lurking around that we don't actually want users to see.
> Accordingly, I've been rewriting and deleting a few things and will be
> sending lostwages patches in, however I'd like to discuss the changes
> here in case there's any objections.
> 1) Delete the "Link to us" section on the downloads page.  No one uses
> this graphic and the information is just noise.
> 2) Remove the unmaintained porting status page:
>  - I don't believe this data is
> useful to anyone, and if it is it should be imported into the wiki so it
> can actually be updated.
> 3) Remove the "Wine Features" page:
> - From a user's perspective, the main feature of Wine can be
> communicated very simply: run Windows programs.  We can do this much
> more effectively earlier in the website, such as on the About page.
> More worrisome about the features page, though, is what it doesn't
> contain - a user seeing a (seemingly) exhaustive list and actually
> reading it might incorrectly conclude that his particular program or
> device doesn't work.  The features page is also prone to be out of date.
> I'm also going to give the text on some of the content pages a focused
> rewrite.  The About page and many of it's links are fairly wordy at the
> moment.  I want to avoid losing any users who may potentially dismiss us
> as amateurish or too complicated based on our web site.
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie

Small suggestion from me:

On the index page, change "Information" into "About".

* About is a keyword used in many apps that means: "info about this program"
* The icon already tells you it's information.
* "Information" is very broad. Most of the site is information.


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