Its Alive! Patchwatcher is reborn.

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Jun 1 03:29:29 CDT 2009

On Sun, 31 May 2009, Lei Zhang wrote:
> Speaking of pre-commit checking, the Wine wiki page for patchwatcher
> page [1] currently list the following todo items:
> Check for C++ comments.

Currently we don't have a good way of detecting these. winapi_check 
attempts to detect them but it gets fooled by stuff like 
foo("") or /* */.
With a better C parser it may work.

> Check for nameless unions (GCC 2.95).

The way I check for these is to compile with gcc 2.95. However nowadays 
that requires using a Debian 4.0 chroot because gcc 2.95 is not 
supported anymore by the recent glibc and other libraries. So this is 
not a good way to detect these issues in a commit hook. I'm not sure 
detecting such issues would be easy in a script.

> Check for missing "\n"s in traces/fixmes/etc.

These have a bunch of exceptions. There are really a bunch of cases 
where there is intentionally no trailing '\n'. Typically because we're 
dumping a bunch of flags or the contents of an array in hexadecimal. So 
the pre commit hook would have to be overridable and would need a 
regularly updated list of exceptions so people committing stuff on 
these files don't get warned again and again.

> Make sure sizeof is not used in traces.

This looks like it could be reasonably easy to check for. Actually it's 
not just traces it's all forms of printf.

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