Regular users right on bugzilla

Ken Sharp kennybobs at
Mon Jun 1 06:03:21 CDT 2009

André Hentschel wrote:
> Jerome Leclanche schrieb:
>> Since there's been some discussion about bugzilla recently...
>> Is there any reason regular users aren't allowed to change keywords,
>> component and dependencies on bugs they don't own on Bugzilla?
>> Maybe marking as duplicate as well. I don't think it'd do any harm to
>> allow those rights to every registered user.
>> Cheers
>> Jerome
> Maybe not to all users, there are always spammers, etc.
> But the idea is great, maybe we can give these rights just to the 
> developers(everyone, who sent more than X patches).
> That makes more sense for me.
> Technical that means, every developer sends a mail somewhere with a 
> keyword "bugzilla-mod" or something and the e-mail-adresses are compared 
> with the registrations of wine-dev and wine-patches or with the commits 
> in git.

Most developers already have that access, and if they don't, they can 
just ask for it.

I think the reason all users can't do it, is because most users don't 
know what they're doing.  It's bad enough correcting all the mistakes 
they make now, the last thing we need is every user doing whatever they 
like whenever they like.  Ask the poor triage guys who have to change 
nearly every bug.

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