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Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Mon Jun 1 06:57:31 CDT 2009

Fair enough for duplicates. Still, component and keywords can't do any
harm, can they?
I often see a bug with attached patch, or a regression, not properly
marked as such, and want to fix it but I'm unable to; and it's usually
not worth the extra spam and bothering someone else.

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 2:30 PM, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
> 2009/6/1 Ken Sharp <kennybobs at>:
>> André Hentschel wrote:
>>> Jerome Leclanche schrieb:
>>>> Since there's been some discussion about bugzilla recently...
>>>> Is there any reason regular users aren't allowed to change keywords,
>>>> component and dependencies on bugs they don't own on Bugzilla?
>>>> Maybe marking as duplicate as well. I don't think it'd do any harm to
>>>> allow those rights to every registered user.
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Jerome
>>> Maybe not to all users, there are always spammers, etc.
>>> But the idea is great, maybe we can give these rights just to the
>>> developers(everyone, who sent more than X patches).
>>> That makes more sense for me.
>>> Technical that means, every developer sends a mail somewhere with a
>>> keyword "bugzilla-mod" or something and the e-mail-adresses are compared
>>> with the registrations of wine-dev and wine-patches or with the commits in
>>> git.
>> Most developers already have that access, and if they don't, they can just
>> ask for it.
>> I think the reason all users can't do it, is because most users don't know
>> what they're doing.  It's bad enough correcting all the mistakes they make
>> now, the last thing we need is every user doing whatever they like whenever
>> they like.  Ask the poor triage guys who have to change nearly every bug.
> You beat me to it. Devs can ask for bugzilla "admin" rights by asking
> an appropriate admin or asking on -devel (I saw one just recently). I
> also agree with not giving extra control to all registered users (btw,
> I'm just a regular user on bugzilla; I've had to request bugs be
> marked DUP rather than set it myself :) ). It's bad enough they can
> change the status of their own bugs from INVALID to UNCONFIRMED (which
> I have seen all too often).
> "This is not a bug in Wine. Talk to <insert project here>. Closing invalid."
> "No, this IS a bug in Wine because Windows behaves differently! Reopening."

J. Leclanche / Adys

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