gdi32: Stub for GdiEntry13()

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Tue Jun 2 03:47:39 CDT 2009

Vincent Povirk wrote:
>> I think you should add @ stdcall DdQueryDisplaySettingsUniqueness() line
>> to gdi32.spec file, otherwise you will get message like this:
>> err:module:find_forwarded_export function not found for forward
>> 'gdi32.DdQueryDisplaySettingsUniqueness' used by L"C:\\windows\\system32
>> \\gdi32.dll". If you are using builtin L"gdi32.dll", try using the
>> native one instead.
> I just checked the gdi32 on Windows XP. It has no export named
> DdQueryDisplaySettingsUniqueness, only GdiEntry13.
Absolutely, DdQueryDisplaySettingsUniqueness only mentioned in PSDK and 
msdn articles.
> I think this was not meant to be a forwarded export, just an export
> with a different name. If so, the "gdi32." should be removed.
Yes, it's only about different naming. Will recent without module name.


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