wine question

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jun 4 09:37:01 CDT 2009

Anna wrote:
> I am trying to call Win32 Dll (that is built in VS 2003) from C++
> Linux application ( in Ubuntu ) through wine shared object without
> rebuild the application with wine.

Sorry, it's not generally possible to use Windows
libraries inside a  Linux program directly with Wine.
Wine is jealous, and wants control of the whole
program right from the start.   Your main options are:
1) write a small Windows program that uses the DLL,
run it via Wine, and talk to it from the Linux program using
sockets and/or shared memory
2) run the Windows version of the app altogether in Wine

There are ways to do what you want directly without Wine,
but only for very restricted types of DLLs that do
not make any Windows system calls.

What does the DLL do?
- Dan

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