d3d9: Add DF16 support

Kovács András andras at csevego.net
Sun Jun 7 18:21:40 CDT 2009

2009. 06. 7, vasárnap keltezéssel 23.05-kor Frank Richter ezt írta:
> On 07.06.2009 22:22, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> > Even if the format isn't lockable, you can still use the data with a
> > shader. 
> If it's a typical depth format the shader will see normalized values.
> Information on DF16 seems to be sparse, one thing I found was:
> http://discussms.hosting.lsoft.com/SCRIPTS/WA-MSD.EXE?A2=ind0611A&L=DIRECTXDEV&P=R2492&I=-3&d=No+Match%3BMatch%3BMatches
> It says that DF16 returns "real" depth values - which would indeed be
> normalized.
> > Typically float formats aren't normalized, so you can have
> > values outside the traditional [0.0,1.0] range. 
> > If there's no specific
> > extension for this format you could use GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32F as
> > internal format and GL_HALF_FLOAT_ARB as type, although that would
> > waste some memory, of course.
> On what graphics cards is that extension supported?
> DF16 is supported since the R300. It appears that float depth formats
> are much younger, so it seems unlikely DF16 is actually a float format
> internally.
> Does D3D(9) allow a depth range outside [0.0,1.0] anyway?
> > Is there any specific application that
> > needs this format?

GTA4 for example. (it checks only DF16, DF24, INTZ, RAWZ formats, and
because there is no support, it exits with an error message.)

> Some ATI graphics demos (e.g. Toy Shop).
> Probably at least some games that use shadow mapping.
> -f.r.

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